Saturday, April 16, 2011

Hot Fusion Scientist Goes Cold On Rossi Catalyzer

 Rossi with Essen and Kullander

A skeptic who's own career is based around working with hot fusion has stepped out to rubbish the work of Andrea Rossi's team.  Peter Ekström is a senior lecturer in Nuclear Physics at the Faculty of Science, Lund University in Sweden.

His conclusions are that Rossi's e-cat technology is just a scam and that it will be revealed as such within one year from now. In his 4-page "report" Ekstrom compares the Rossi energy catalyzer to Blacklight Power, which according to Ekstrom is pseudoscience fuelled only by gullible investors who believe inventor Randell Mills has discovered "new physics".

In the report Ekstrom also takes care to include a mention for friend of James Randi - Bob Park, establishment defender and debunker of all things that science can't be shaken in a test tube.

He also goes on to claim that Rossi's energy catalyzer conflicts with 100 year old principles of nuclear physics - (how dare it, has it no respect! - Ed.)

Ekstrom hasn't been paying attention, since anyone who's been following the story closely will tell you  that Rossi has publicly stated on radio and via his blog that he is not looking for investors and is completely self-financed with money made from selling his own companies - immediately separating him from ANY comparison with Blacklight Power.

Meanwhile, Ekström's own field of hot fusion has spent tens of billions of tax dollars with nothing to show, and with Rossi's e-cat to ship before the end of the year it could also be the end for any tenure and funding of dollars into the hot fusion furnace.

Ekström's comments completely contrast the positive news this week by fellow Swedish physicists, Essén and Kullander who reported from the demonstration of the e-kitten (a smaller scale version of the e-cat) on the 29th of March.

Their conclusions were vastly different to Ekstrom mostly due to the fact that they ACTUALLY ATTENDED the demonstraion in person and interacted with the equipment unlike Ekstrom.

Kullander and Essen examined the test setup and checked for hidden power supplies.
They were also able to fill the reactor with hydrogen, calibrate the water flow, monitor
other equipment and closely observe the entire experiment.
Only 50 grams of nickel powder and a mere 0.11 grams of hydrogen were used in the experiment. They concluded - "We had free access to the heater electric supply, to the inlet water hose, to the outlet steam valve and water hose, and to the hydrogen gas feed pipe. The total weight of the device was estimated to be around 4 kg." An average of 4.69 kW of power was produced for nearly six hours while the average input was around 330 watts.  Roughly calculated to 15 times overunity!

Kullander and Essen also ruled out that the energy could be coming from a chemical source. They stated, "Any chemical process for producing 25 kWh from any fuel in a 50 cm3 container can be ruled out. The only alternative explanation is that there is some kind of a nuclear process that gives rise to the measured energy production."

Hanno Essén, is associate professor of theoretical physics and a lecturer at the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology and chairman of the Swedish Skeptics Society.

Sven Kullander is Professor Emeritus at Uppsala University and chairman of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences’ Energy Committee.

Ekstrom's Report (Mostly In Swedish - Appedix In English)

Rossi Cold Fusion Validated by Swedish Skeptic's Society

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