Rossi Energy Catalyzer  - A List Of Frequently Asked Question 

What is the energy catalyzer?

Who is the inventor?
Andrea A Rossi, an Italian scientist. 

Sergio Focardi - A colleague of Rossi's and retired physics professor from the University of Bologna.

Where Did the Idea Come From?
It appears that the concept had been discovered by Francesco Piantelli, a retired professor of biophysics with the University of Siena. Rossi and Focardi appear to have taken Piantelli's work to the next step and development and practicality of their LENR device.

How do you start the reactor?

Is it Cold Fusion - Whether it is cold fusion or another process called Neutron Capture is not clear at this stage. Whatever label you give it, it still produces large quantities of energy.

Can the reactor self-sustain? - Yes. Rossi recently stated that "we turn off the resistance and the reactor is self-sustaining".

How much of the nickel is left in the charge after 6 months? How much copper? - 90% is recyclable as a fuel, the difference goes as scrap Ni back to the supplier.

Can a used charge be refined and reused? - Yes, the 90%.

How many mixtures/versions of the catalytical materials have been tested before settling on the present one? - Tens of thousands of combinations.