Monday, April 11, 2011

Energy Catalyzer: Rossi and Focardi LENR Device: Probably Real

Author of the New Energy Times Blog, Steven B Krivit is now more confident that the Rossi energy catalyzer device is definitely real and is indeed producing excess heat.

In his latest blog post he says: "The report I received on Jan. 17 from Francesco Celani, a physicist with the Instituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare in Frascati, Italy (National Institute of Nuclear Physics), gives me new confidence about the Rossi-Focardi device. If the data provided to Celani is correct and complete, the device is real and is demonstrating some excess heat – on demand, no less."

He goes on to say:

"If confirmed, the Rossi-Focardi development would be a significant practical development for the LENR field. Despite my earlier misgivings about Rossi’s Web site promotion, I am upgrading my skepticism about the Rossi-Focardi device to cautious optimism."

The current thinking is that this is actually NOT cold fusion but a different mechanism called neutron capture. Researcher Jacques Dufour, retired from Shell and now a contractor with the French Laboratoire Des Sciences Nucléaires (CNAM), has speculated on neutron or proton capture on nickel to explain the mechanism.

Celani, who attended the demonstration, admonished his colleagues.
“Rossi-Focardi NEVER USED the words COLD FUSION energy/experiment,” Celani wrote. “They used the words “Energy Catalizer.”

Read the full report here:

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